Creating the Best Gin Drinks and Cocktails in Atlanta

Gin is perhaps one of the most versatile spirits, blending perfectly with sweet, spicy, and fruity mixers to create a wide range of different cocktails that are served throughout bars and restaurants in the Atlanta area.

Our Vulcan Gin is exceptionally pure and smooth, making it the ideal spirit for a gin soda or a gin tonic. For those a bit more adventurous, there is a range of gin drinks that include some elaborate recipes and combinations.

Some of the most popular drinks in the Atlanta area are a gin and tonic and the cool, refreshing gin fizz. Of course, the gin gimlet and Tom Collins are also excellent choices for any time you are out with friends.

Enjoy a gin fizz with Vulcan Gin in Atlanta

A Gin Fizz is made by putting a new twist on the classic recipe. Combine our gin – Vulcan Gin’s own brand, with soda water, basil, cucumber and fresh mint for a spicy yet cooling beverage.

Our gin at Vulcan Gin is also gluten-free.

To get the recipe, visit our website and keep coming back for more!